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Hello everyone

I am looking for the most efficient one that supports as many stm8/32 + gd32 + other systems as possible.

I have several types from aliexpress:


Which of them is worth buying, regardless of the price? Or maybe there is something better than them?

the *only* programmer that supports both stm8 and stm32 together is the st-link. Some of the aliexpress stlink clones work well, others not so much. Id recommend getting a genuine stlink v3 from st direct. theyre only a few dollars for the more basic ones, and they meet your criteria of stm8 and stm32.


stlinks may not work with non-st mcus. So, if your criteria are STM8 AND STM32 AND other non-st ARMs - well, there isnt such a device.

If you eliminate the STM8 requirement, then Segger JLinks or cmsis DAPLinks will support most ARM based mcus.

And, as far as I know, there isnt a 'standard' programmer that supports RISCV  mcu's from mixed manufacturers. Something that can do JTAG instead of just swd might get you some mileage, but i really don't think you're going to find a magical 'do everything' probe.

unless you check the ic support in theses brands like ELNEC XELTEC TNM7000  and others  ...

they are universal up to a point, and some mcu cpu etc .. and may need to be paid    IE:  Xeltec 7000 has payable licenses

yes as mentioned, there is no absolute programmer


--- Quote ---as many stm8/32 + gd32 + other systems as possible.
--- End quote ---
Why?  That may have made sense when a single programmer would set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars, but nowadays vendors are likely to offer cheap chip-specific programs (and eval boards with built-in programmer/debuggers) at quite reasonable prices.  Not to mention the clones, and the firmware to use your Arduino as a programmer, and etc (things are so much better now that most chips no longer require weird voltage(s)...)

Even if you have a general purpose programmer, you're likely to find that your vendor-supplied IDE doesn't like it nearly as much as the vendor's cheap alternative...

Just get a Seeeduino Xiao M0 and install the daplink firmware on it



Alternatively just get a Pi Pico and install the debug probe firmware:


Both are compatible with the CMSIS-DAP spec and can be used in Keil/IAR/openocd


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