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Blackpill with ARTERY AT32F403ACGU7 dev board

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Just found blackpill dev board on aliexpress with interesting MCU:


When I found it I just thought that this is yet another STM32 variant which is supported by ST-LINKv2 and STM32 compiler tool chain.
According to product description it has ADC and DAC, running at 240 MHz and has hardware accelerated floating point operations, one cycle hardware multiplier and other DSP things. This is very interesting...

But before buying it I just decided to check it's datasheet, and noticed, that this is not STM32 but AT32 from Artery...  :)

I never deal with these Artery MCU, at a glance it looks like more fast STM32 clone with additional features and with more memory.
But I'm not sure, does ST-LINKv2 and STM32 compiler tool chain supports it?

Who tried it?

It's used in the LiteVNA



Unfortunately the AT32F403ACGU7 is showing as Discontinued on LCSC.

AT32F403AVGT7 (LQFP100) version is used in the new Zoyi ZT-702S hand-held scope that Dave recently reviewed too.


--- Quote --- AT32F403ACGU7 is showing as Discontinued on LCSC
--- End quote ---

LCSC has a nasty habit of marking devices as discontinued when they are not - treat it as the same as they just do not carry the item on their portal. They have done this with assorted devices from WCH yet each is in production. Recommend that you reach out the sales team through the factory website for the true status of the device. In some cases, ask your local broker in Asia to ask on your behalf. We have had to do this with a few devices and PCB shops who appear to cater to their local Chinese (only) markets and respectively do not have an international sales group.


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