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Looking for information on OMAP5912
« on: January 21, 2019, 11:07:29 am »
Hi chaps! I'm trying to get into TI OMAP processors, especially 5912. I've got a radio navigation board here, which has such a processor and i have it for spare to learn and do some funny stuff with ;-)
It is equipet with an 64MB NOR-Flash (S29GL512) and and 32MB SDRAM. It also has an SD-Card interface and of course JTAG.

I'm looking for some helping hand or tipps, because all i find for now is from datasheets and very hard to understand for a newbee like me.

I try to understand the bootstrap process and how to get my hands on it. Maybe, in a far future, to install a Linux on the device ;-)
I've managed to connect to the target via JTAG and read the Flash. After saving the dump i erased the Flash, but it seems to have sector-protection on it. The first sector is not eraseable (simply keeps it's contents). I assume to find the 2nd stage bootloader here. I guess the 1st stage bootloader is inside the SOCs internal, small ROM code (64 kb, if i read correctly) and all it does is to read some signals to determine boot method by sampling some external IO-Ports on powerup. They will tell the code on which source the 2nd stage bootloader is to find and where to load it to. Also the 2nd btl is very small (2kb or so).

I guess i have found the bootloader code, but can i disassemble it and do some single stepping from poweron? The ARM926EJ-S processor is running in Little-Endian, right? Also it supports thumb-mode, but don't know if it does in boot mode? Found an online disassembler at If i get it correct the ARM processor uses ARMv5TE instruction set.

Thanks in advance!

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