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Can I erase flash on locked MCU?

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I have around 15 MSP430F2013 from Hanla level sensors and I want to recycle them.
And this MCU have slow 16bit ADC. I presume they are locked. I downloaded pdf
about this MCU but I don't cant find anything about erasing already locked MCU.  :-//

I have also Renesas MCU from car radio

Why? Why not. Why I should throw away MCU if it can be recycled? Earth is already
f**** up place.

I think MSP430 has OTP protection which physically disconnects JTAG/SBW connection inside MCU, so I think it can't be reused if JTAG fuse has been blown.


Yes I saw that but there is some other type of programming (bootstrap, serial something?).

AFAIK the serial bootstrap is also disabled when the fuse is blown. Another thing to beware of is that some of the smaller MSP430 don't even have the serial bootloader.

Those MSP430s are really cheap anyways.


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