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CH32V003 standalone programmer WCH-MCU-DL

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So I saw this  standalone programmer on Aliexpress

Edit - updated Aliexpress link to page with all 4 versions - suggest searching "WCH-MCU-DL" for latest

there is some English documentation here: https://www.wch.cn/bbs/thread-113213-1.html

So far I've got as far as creating a key file and downloading a file to the board, but haven't yet managed to get it to talk to the chip.
Has anyone managed to get it to work ?

Some more playing...

Screen colour shows status - green:ready, yellow:busy.red:error.
Starting a program op by shorting J6 pin5/6 sets the BUSY pin of J6 while it's trying - the Busy pin does not assert if programming started using S3

I'm seeing UART traffic on J5, suggesting it's trying to use UART comms not SWD. I'd expect to see an option in DlPubtool to select mode, but can't see anything obvious

What version of the WCH-MCU-DL do you have? The forum posting seems to state that only the CH32V208-based programmer supports CH32V003 and its single-wire protocol.

Or maybe the thing only supports programming CH32V003 via UART using the bootloader (i.e. like with WCHISPTool) because it doesn't support the single-wire protocol (only regular SWD).

What version firmware is the programmer running? Maybe it needs an upgrade...

Programmer is CH32F103, Firmware V2422V
The forum post is not entirely clear

--- Quote ---The current factory programmer version (3.3V/5V) only support CH32Vxxx series chips(v2420v).If you need to use a programmer to program ch32Fxxx series chip,you need to upgrade the programmer firmware(V2420F)

The WCH-MCU-DL be designed of CH32V208 support V003 series chip programing.And the programmer support all series chip.
--- End quote ---

Can't see any mention that the 103 doesn't support SWD, and the 103 manual mentions SWD. Seems the 208 is a later version though

I've ordered a V208 version


--- Quote from: mikeselectricstuff on January 24, 2024, 09:34:49 am ---Can't see any mention that the 103 doesn't support SWD, and the 103 manual mentions SWD. Seems the 208 is a later version though

--- End quote ---

The SWD in the 003 is I seem to recall a different SWD from the bigger chips (and none of them are Arm SWD).


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