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CH32V307 Evaluation Board RISC-V


Hi people,
I have bought on aliexress an evaluation board for the CH32V307 here.
I have bought 2 of those and one showed up with the following lsusb output:

--- Code: ---Bus 001 Device 012: ID 1a86:8010 QinHeng Electronics WCH-Link
--- End code ---

And the other showed up in lsusb as follows:

--- Code: ---Bus 001 Device 011: ID 4348:55e0 WinChipHead
--- End code ---

The second one doesn't respond to eclipse's queries at all, in the Configuration of the Download Configuration.

From the output of lsusb I conclude that the firmware on the 2nd isn't the proper one.
Can someone pointme to the right direction???

This looks to me like one of the boards gets into the debugger firmware, and the other baord is stuck in bootloader mode.
WinChipHead has a Windows-only tool to configure and update their programmers, the dongles and the built-in EVB boards alike.
Try the tool at https://www.wch.cn/downloads/WCH-LinkUtility_ZIP.html and see if it can configure the boards to RISCV debugger mode.


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