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ch32v307, risc-v minicore with ethernet

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--- Quote from: woofy on May 14, 2022, 03:43:05 pm ---Does anyone know if the API documentation for the TCP/IP stack is available anywhere?

--- End quote ---

I asked on github, it's coming!

Ok, with my ch32v307 board in hands, I have started coding a more confortable software environment than the MRS eclipse+modified gcc, and this is the (work in progress) result:


This provides the latest pheriperal library and the last rt-thread (4.0.4, not the oldest 3.x bundled with the example project)

By now, only gpio and usart driver is working (plus finsh shell) but in the sucessive days I will push more updates (specially adc/dac/pwm drivers plus usb dev driver)

The gcc required is risc-v embed (from xpack) but the oldest (8.x) gcc bundled with MRS toolchain work fine (my code do not use WCH-Interrupt-fast extension, but the CI is build around it for compatibillity)

The only MRS toolchain that this require now is the openocd with the MRS modifications (I was fail epically in compile it from the sources previously posted here)


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