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Hi everyone
I am seeing plenty of Chinese microcontrollers lately.
I am wondering if there are ones that are worth considering, in terms of the quality, reliability of the vendor, availability pf documentation, and compiler’s support.
Maybe there is some online resource to study Chinese uC manufacturers and their products with cross reference with well known western uC lines line msp430, atmel etc…
Thank you for sharing the info!

There are plenty of STM32 clones, and LCSC has the datasheets for at least 8 of them.

Gigadevices makes both STM32 clones and uC's with a RISC-V core, but otherwise mostly the same peripherals.

I know a clone of the ATMega328 exists.(LGT8F328P) It apparently has "improved peripherals",  but don't know much more about it.

"W806" pops up a bunch of sellers with some purple PCB, but I don't know what's on it. Some Ali shops claim it's an STM32 (clone).


--- Quote from: Doctorandus_P on June 08, 2022, 03:33:35 am ---"W806" pops up a bunch of sellers with some purple PCB, but I don't know what's on it. Some Ali shops claim it's an STM32 (clone).

--- End quote ---

I have seen these W80X devices too and looked around for data on them but could not find much and certainly not in English so decided to pass on these.

Megawin Tech catalog is small, but has some 32F10x Cortex-M3 mcus under $2, almost $1 buying 1000.

The english version also has translated datasheets, but for some reason the M3 aren't there, only the M0.

Datasheet, sdk, specs (Chinese)

Found M3 english datasheets and a lot of stuff here

If you go to the Chinese part of the site and download the DK ( MG32F10x_DK_v1.04.zip ), it contains the English Reference Manual.

If you are interested into RISC-V, you might want to look at what WinChipHead has to offer. Their CH32V series (eg. CH32V103C8T6 is pin compatible with ST's chip) But one thing to note, it's not using standard debugger interfaces, you need their debugging probe and openocd. Better build it from source, ( https://github.com/newbrain/riscv-openocd-wch ) as their binary is outdated.

For the WinnerMicro W80X, well, C-SKY architecture. The toolchain is no problem, GCC, binutils, newlib, gdb, Your standard GNU toolchain. But the toolchain ain't enough, you need to connect to your chip to debug it. And how to do that? I've found no documentation describing that step. There are these CK-LINK Lite on AliExpress, but I am not sure if this is the appropriate debugger probe for this thing, or what software goes with it.

Anyhow, Chinese 32F103 chips, I've tested some in the past, and I will do some more testing soon. (I've ordered some that are currently offered, waiting for them to be delivered.)


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