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controlling LCD display with PMPort of pic32


still learning something on the "exploring pic 32" book of lucio di jasio,

they build a good library for LCD display with Parallel Master Port and they use it with Explorer 16 board...

they configure the port with this:

--- Quote ---mPMPOpen( PMP_ON | PMP_READ_WRITE_EN | 3,
              PMP_DATA_BUS_8 | PMP_MODE_MASTER1 |
              PMP_WAIT_BEG_4 | PMP_WAIT_MID_15 |
              0x0001,           // only PMA0 enabled
              PMP_INT_OFF);     // no interrupts used
--- End quote ---

in the Explorer 16 board the Enable bit is connected (correctly) to PMWR bit and they use PMRD for R/W and PMWR for Enable,
in my chinese Sure Electronics pic 32 demo board they connected R/W to PMRD but enable bit is connected to PMCS1,
i thik is this the problem that the software doesn't work with my board...

do you know if there are some possibilities to configure the PMport working with PMCS1 acting Enable bit?

thank you


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