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Converting BCD(mm) to BCD(inch)[SOLVED]

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This is related to some recent threads of mine about reading Mitutoyo linear scales.  The bare sensors (e.g., the ones on my mill) report six, 4-bit BCD bytes in mm.  I need to convert to inches for display.  By brute force, I have converted to binary, divided by 25.4 (fixed point), and converted back (22 bit) to BCD.  That requires about 1,000 instruction cycles or a little less.  The 22-bit conversion works because the scales are less than 1 meter long.

I have been reading about doing that math in BCD, which I understand was common years ago and may still be used in the financial industry and some small calculators.  My chosen MCU is a PIC16F1xxx, and it has no "BCD-friendly" instructions like the PIC18F MCU's have (e.g., DAW, decimal adjust W). I also work in Microchip Assembly exclusively (MPASM).

Has anyone here done BCD multiplication and/or division on an 8-bit controller without BCD instructions?  Would you recommend going that direction or sticking with the brute force method?

Regards, John

What do you hope to achieve, better accuracy? Speed? Smaller code? Something else?

Accuracy is fine.  Just looking for smaller code with the same or better speed.  Many routines with lots of loops, e.g., double dabble*, have small code, but can be quite slow with 24-bit numbers.

*For binary to BCD, I use a polynomial method (derived from PICList) that has more code, but is quite fast.  My 20-bit routine takes about 300 instruction cycles.

Converting ASCII decimal  or BCD to binary is usually easy. Here is code to convert 16 bit binary to BCD. It looks like it is easy to add a few instructions to do 24 bits. Hope it helps!

Dunno why your code is so bloated.
I did a binary to BCD routine for the 68HC11 once and it was like 20 lines of assembler code.
Converting BCD to binary would be around the same.


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