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Creating USB interface from scratch.

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The "high level" prototyping boards like the ChipKit and this guy : http://www.mikroe.com/ready/pic/  make it real easy to connect the board to the PC for programming and serial communication.

However, I'm creating a new product that will need to have a USB-to-computer connection. I need to know how to form this connection from scratch since the chips that will be in the product won't have the fancy add-ons that my high level board will have.

How can I practice forming this connectivity on a high level board? Should I also buy a PicKit/handful of chips, and use them for this practice?

Thank you


It looks like it uses a pretty common ftdi ft232rl usb->serial converter.  If you want to test with them and don't want to create a prototype board of your own just yet, just search for "ft232rl breakout".  There are plenty of breakout boards available for these.  Some of them have the simple schematic that goes with them.  You should be able to figure it out easily.  It's not a complicated chip or interface.

I could use the ft232rl breakout board in place of the development board's built-in USB interface?


there is also Cypress CY7C63310 or SILABS CP210x series


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