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Customized Pi Pico board


I designed my own Pi Pico board that has a nearly compatible pinout (except for 3V3EN) to the official Pi Pico PCB, but has customizations I wanted to make such as a different USB connector, bigger flash (16 MB), linear regulator, and easier resetting (no pulling the usb plug) for development.  I also did it to have an example of a Pi Pico project, and to have it be manufacturable at JLCPCB.  You can find it at:


The schematics is off on GitHub

Sorry, the correct schematic is now there.   :P

Looks interesting - the linear reg and reset button are both useful I think.
I worry there's no copper area for the linear regulator to dissipate heat though - this is a 2-layer board I think, no hidden heatsinking internal planes?

I made almost the entire back side solid copper.  See the attached picture.


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