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Defective USB Host hanging up your target

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I did a search of the project for 0xee and MSOS1 and nothing turns up :)

Just an update in case anybody finds this one day.

IMHO USB is full of sh*it and the only reason why it works "ok" today is because billion $ commercial interests have spent countless man-years fixing various issues, and with each USB product vendor wasting this time and money in-house independently.

I've managed to eliminate some very subtle problems by doing 2 things

1) checking for VBUS=1 before sending any data out of USB

2) checking a flag which is set/reset by CDC_Init_FS() and CDC_DeInit_FS(). Experts tell me that that is all one can do without having a custom driver.

Note also that the ST Cube code uses the heap (malloc and free) in these two functions, so your product will eventually crash.


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