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Driving latching relay with attiny85

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--- Quote ---What [/size]voltage[/size] is the stepper coil rated at ?
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The 5V relay mentioned in the OP has a "must operate" voltage of 3.5V.
Obviously if you want to operate on a 3.3V supply, you wouldn't use the 5V relay (a 4.5 and a 3V version are available.)

There are also double-coil versions of the same relay.  I don't know how things like cost would compare, but if you're actually buying new relays (as opposed to picking something up off the surplus market), it seems to me like the double-coil version would use the same number of pins as the single-coil version, with less "design complexity"

Throwing this out here...

This TE app note describes how to drive a a latching relay with a series capacitor. This allows you to use an ordinary relay driver/push-pull output if it can supply the required impulse current:


I found it in this Kerry Wong blog post:


and he has additional discussion in this video:

How to Drive a Latching Relay -- Kerry Wong

For the new question from

--- Quote from: ehud42 on February 05, 2023, 01:09:56 am ---......

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the capacitor would simplify things. Just a single pin of the MCU and less risk with one pin stuck high and the other low.

It is funny though to see how this resurrection of old threads with new questions leads to answers to the original question.  :-DD


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