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DSP using STM32F429-DISC1 Discovery Board


I came across a project to implement DSP on an STM32 microcontroller, see links below.  I implemented it on mySTM32F429-DISC1 Discovery board.

Part 1:     
Part 2:     

More Info:  https://www.eetimes.com/fundamentals-of-embedded-audio-part-3/

Results are;

The input sine wave is 7 kHz in yellow.
The output  is in blue.
The sampling rate is 450 k samples/sec

Future plan is to place DSP such as a digital filter between ADC in and DAC out.

Very cool stuff, Ping Pong Buffering.

I first came across that concept in 2007, on a DSP. Been using it ever since. I do a lot of audio processing stuff at 48 or 96 KHz. My applications are really simple, but I haven't missed a DSP since.




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