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EEVblog #96 - The TI LaunchPad MSP430 Development Board

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After watching Dave's blog on the TI LaunchPad MSP430 Development Board, i was enthused and excited and rushed to the Digikey/Mouser/Element 14 websites.

Yes, i found Digikey and Mouser sell these boards for $4.31, but, here is the killer, you have to pay $35 postage on orders under $200.
So that makes these boards really $39.31.

So I went to Element 14 to see what they would charge and found out they sell them for $31.90.

Wow! They give us 1c discount  ;D

So it isnt really a $4.31 Development board  :-[

I ordered mine from TI's website at the time and paid nothing for the shipping.

I went through it again and the shipping seems to be included in the price (at least when sending to Portugal), so the board is really $4.30 :)

Thanks Pedro,

I will go to the TI Website and see if they do free shipping to Australia.

But I highly doubt it.  ;)


After going to the TI Website and sending them a nice email, they agreed to send the board to Australia for $0 postage.

Thanks for the heads up Pedro!

So, anybody else that is interested in this product, go straight to the horses mouth.... forget Digikey/Mouser/Element 14 as they will charge you postage.

I got mine ages ago when it was widely publicised, but I still haven't unboxed it yet...  :-\


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