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emIDE for ARM Cortex-M dev - any thoughts? (or free alternatives to ARM Keil)

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Hi :)

Apologies if the subject has been covered - I did search but only found old posts and I am sure this open source IDE has grown a lot for the past few years.

I have been using Keil for now but kinda forgot that my license is non commercial, limited to 32kB, and even the cheapest license costs an arm (pun INTENDED ;D ).

My biggest concern regarding moving to a GCC-based environment are the lack of debugging feature and the compiler's ability to optimize (in particular reduce the image size).

But looking at emIDE http://www.emide.org/documentation_debugging.html it looks like it has all debugging feature that I would need: core registers, peripheral registers, memory. ASM code view is not mentioned though but since it has "next assembly instruction" step I guess it is there.

Then I have heard that the ARMclang compiler generates better optimized code than GCC... not sure what that entails?

So... emIDE, what are your thoughts?

Thank you - this forum is always such a big help  ;D ;D

PS: I'm using a GD32E230 ARM Cortex-M23.

Not open source, but I write and compile with a text editor, then debug using SEGGER Ozone. It has all of the features you listed and many more, plus it is much more lightweight than full IDEs so it is much faster. For non commercial usage, you just need a JLink EDU which is something like $30 USD?

Edit: sorry, I do use GCC. I’ve never really had a problem with “-Os” though, and the GCC compiler is developed by ARM themselves (Linaro I think)

That would work great but actually I do need commercial usage. I did check the J-Link base which is still way cheaper than the ARM Keil license.

Honestly if you are commercial I think it’s worth investing in a JLink. It stings at first, but particularly SEGGER Ozone and RTT have been in my workflow for many years now and I don’t know what I would do without them.

If you are using an eval board, it might be supported by J-Link on-board
Caution: this might hook you into buying a J-Link ;)


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