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Emulating a SD or xD card with a PIC or other microcontroller

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I have a digital picture frame that accepts SD or xD cards. I would like to wire a microcontroller to the SD or xD data lines and program it to load a (changing) JPEG file from a server on the network using an Ethernet interface. (A few seconds of delay is no problem and locally buffering it is OK.)

How would I go about having a microcontroller behave like a SD or xD card?

Never going to be fast enough....

I think SD cards have two separate interfaces you can use (a serial and a parallel).
First you probably need to figure out which one the picture frame is using.

But really, i suspect you will spend more time/money trying to get this to work than just buying a new picture frame with wifi access.

Google FatFS, it as examples for PIC's, its almost download, include lib, read example, adapt and use.

What free_electron said.  The clock is controlled by the master (the device in the picture frame), and there is a minimum expected speed that is faster than a PIC can handle.

If you wanted to verify this, you could plug in an SD card and scope the clock pin.


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