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Energia - an Arduino IDE Clone for the MSP Launchpad

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I received my TI  MSP Launchpad rev 1.5 boards from Element14 India and the first thing I did was look around for suitable C compilers. When I discovered that there is a GCC port, I felt it shouldn't be hard to port the Arduino IDE to it. I googled around (my ideas generally turn to be a few years late  >:( so I did not want to reinvent the wheel) and sure enough I found an Arduino IDE clone for the MSP Launchpad called Energia  ;D.

I have not programmed using Arduino before so no idea how it compares with it. Maybe others who have experience with it can comment on this. I have programmed in Processing (so atleast I know what setup() and loop() do).  A simple set of test routines like LED blinking and reading ports seem to be working well. Need to try out with LCD interfacing.

ps: I'm not sure this is news to anyone here, but a search on the forum for Energia did not return any hits.

Here's the link: http://energia.github.com/Energia/

I tried to use Energia but on MacOS I couldn't get the serial port detected (driver issues I suppose, the support for the TI TUSB3410 chip is not perfect on MacOS). The documentation is far from perfect, but I hope it gets better.

The only thing I am aware of is that you need to install the launchpad drivers before using Energia.

Did you see this: http://www.43oh.com/2011/10/launchpad-osx-usb-cdc-vcp-driver-released/ ?
There are earlier posts on getting (only) the debug port to work; check the TI forums.


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