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Faster CMSIS DAP compatable boards?

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I've been on the search for a good low cost generic debug probe for a while now. And through trial and error I've come to really like the CMSIS DAP + pyOCD combo.
I've used a number of CMSIS DAP compatible probes like the NXP MCU Link, seeeduino xiao  etc.
Does anyone know of other good quality + higher speed DAPs?

I just received 2 nanodap-hs probes. Contrary to most cheap CMSIS DAP probes out there, they support USB HS. They are much faster.
(Can be found from MuseLab on Aliexpress.)

From readily and widely available devices LPC-Link2 with CMSIS-DAP firmware is the fastest from all I tried. It is the only debugger I have that uses 1024 byte endpoints.

But yes, generally you get enough of a performance boost by switching from FS to HS, that details of the HS implementation almost do not matter. So look for USB HS devices and ignore everything that is FS. There is no reason to compare FS devices between themselves, they all will be slow.

interesting  they the use ATSAM3U2C, I bought a couple, but I'm not looking forward to shipping...
LPC-Link2 uses DAP I i think, I did not realize that it may have been the fastest, makes sense though it is a dual core MCU running at 150 MHz. Mine just quit on me one day. It's probably from all the mishandling with no container to protect it   >:D.
I just remember that the NXP MCU link at weird quirk, it would randomly reset the target every ~20 min if left idle but connected. It caused some deep consternation and frustration as I tried to debug the issue thinking it was something to do with the code I had written.

The LPC-Link2 is cheap and works well? Drawback with the nanodap-hs probes is that they only support 3.3V. No level shifting of any kind as far as I've seen. Not sure about the LPC-Link2 for this?


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