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FTDI FT232/245BM programmer vs. PIC-programmer-software issues.


Hi there..

I have a programmer-cable \  USB-> serial converter that I want to connect directly to a board using a PIC16F877A.
The programmer-cable\device is a FT232\245BM according to FTProg. And it is a FTDI device.

The problem I have here is that the 3rd party PIC-programmer-software doesn't seem to want to detect the programmer-device..

To be able to use my programmer I need to know what pins the following are:

PGM \ Vdd
Data Out
Data In

Any suggestions as to how I can figure out how to set this thing up with the pic-programmer?
I've tried reading the data-sheets and all, but I can't seem to find what I need..


Thats just a usb to serial converter... Not a programmer !

What programming software ?

Duplicate thread: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/projects-designs-and-technical-stuff/ft232245bm-gt-pic16f877a/msg115496/#msg115496


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