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Getting started with MSP430/AVR32 UC3

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I've been programming 8-bit AVRs (tiny/Mega) for a couple of years now and would like to try out the MSP430s.
Should I even bother or should I just go up to the AVR32 UC3s instead.

Does anyone have experience with both who also has an opinion?

Thanks, guys

The MSP430 will give you experience with a different uC platform, but there is a large amount of overlap with the AVR from application point of view, so it's mostly a sideways move. A 32-bit MCU would be more different, although I don't see the point in choosing AVR32 instead of ARM Cortex at this point. Why tie yourself to a single vendor with a poor track record for availability and lead time when you can choose from the many ARM Cortex vendors?

Another vote for ARM.

if you have ever used the arduino you can get started straight away with the msp430 launchpad for $4.30 from here https://estore.ti.com/Product3.aspx?ProductId=2031

you can use energia which is a fork of the arduino ide for the msp430 launchpad http://energia.nu

You can't argue with that for $4.30 its a bargain!

ARM or have a look at the PIC32, I'm enjoying working with them and you can pick up small dev kits easily.

I banged my head against the wall with AVR32 a year back.  The very poor level of documentation of their library framework was a continuous frustration.  Microchip have done a stunningly good job in comparison.

And yeah, availability of AVR32's can be difficult.


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