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Hi all,
I am new here and new to microcontrollers. I am a long time subscriber to eevblog on youtube though :D
My electronics skills were going up and up so I decided to give MCU's a try.

I have ordered a PicKit 3 + a few PIC16F's on ebay and cant wait for them to arrive  :P
But I have done hours of research and still cant even light a LED  :'(
MPlab X , HiTech PICC lite, C18 and MPASM(not that i'm gonna do any assembly any time soon) are installed.
Right now I have no Idea how to set a pin as output and then set it high. I did get delay working tough.

So, does anyone know a good turorial or lesson to tech me this?
I'm fluent in Python, know some C and have never seen a word assembly in my life.


The first lesson "basic I/O" should help you light an led.
Here http://www.gooligum.com.au/tut_midrange_C.html

Just alter the code to suit your microcontroller by referring to the relevant datasheet.


Very good tutorial even though it is based on their compiler.  You should be able to extract information that can be applied across all families though.

Good luck!

Find the PICC PDF manual in the installation directory. It's 1000+ pages and has a few intro sections that explain quite a bit.

Learn assembler first LOL. ;D


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