Author Topic: Google Announces Arduino based ADK for Android Hardware Development.  (Read 4525 times)

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Google Announces Arduino based ADK for Android Hardware Development.
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I am thinking this is going to be a good thing for both Arduino and Google.

Now i have to get myself a tablet to play with.  ;D

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I don't understand the $400 price point..

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Personally I wonder if Atmel have the production capacity to support it* if it really takes off.

I mean I am an Arduino user, but I bet this decision had more to do with ideology then engineering practicality.

* At least it is based off the Arduino MEGA and so doesn't use the DIP versions which are nearly always out of stock. Every major Arduino board maker has a non-DIP version these days, besides that being slightly against the user friendliness of Arduino, because of the supply problems for DIP ATMega168/328.

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I don't understand the $400 price point..
Because they can? :P Pick up the Microchip board at a fraction of the cost
If I has a Android phone I'd jump right on the bandwagon, unfortunately nothing like this exists for the iphone with it's locked down hardware :(

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It seems you can use the SDK with a normal Arduino USB host shield:
Haven't tried it yet but looks promising.

If anyone around Sydney, Australia is interested there is a one-day "Arduino + Android Open Accessory Development " course on 16th July.
See -

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