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I decided to just spin one of my own.
Could not find anything that had two 8-bit ports (i.e. one address and one data bus).
Mine is based on a PIC18F4620 and FT245RL.

Five panels with three copies each from JLCPCB plus parts.


--- Quote from: MarkF on August 02, 2021, 11:57:10 am ---I decided to just spin one of my own.

--- End quote ---

Sometimes this is the best option!

Especially if you have to spin a board to connect your special sauce to the microcontroller board.

I don't understand why someone would make, for either personal or professional use, an Arduino-compatible expansion board when it's easy enough to design the Arduino processor (whichever one you choose) onto the board. The board ends up costing the same, anyway.

The calculation is different for Raspberry Pi, of course.


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