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Has anyone Made An Arduino Nano USB Duino Coin Miner


I saw a guy on YT created some Duco USB miners from an Arduino Nano. The project would be perfect for what I'd like to create but have zero experience in Arduino or coding. Before I shell out some money, do you think an Arduino kit would be a good place to start such as the Elegoo Mega 2560 Kit? Or maybe another kit is worth looking at?

Is there anything else I should be looking at first?

Is this just for fun or are you expecting it to actually accomplish a useful amount of mining? 

If it's the former, go for it I guess? If it's the latter, you're many many orders of magnitude off in terms of hardware requirements.  Exactly how many orders of magnitude depends on the coin, I guess, but considering that some coins are barely worth mining on a high end GPU capable of tens trillions of operations per second at 32 bits(?), and the MCU in an arduino nano is capable of about 20 million operations per second (depending on what the operation is, some instructions are slower than others) at 8 bits, you're off by something like a factor of 40,000,000.

EDIT: oh, wait "Duino Coin" is a thing?  I thought you were looking to mine one of the more high profile coins that's worth real money.  I guess if it's meant to work on an arduino then I guess it should work on any arduino compatible hardware, and probably doesn't require any peripherals so just get whatever looks good or whatever kit comes with what you might need for any future projects, it doesn't seem like it really matters

It's just for fun, I've got two 7 card rigs running RX 480's so this is just a bit of fun. I liked the idea of the old BTC mining USB's which aren't really any use now but thought a Duco USB would be a fun project.

I have 20 nano's mining duco. just fyi

This ridiculous cryptocurrency fad can't end soon enough. Hard to believe such an utterly pointless endeavor is still going on. It's amazing that governments around the world haven't banned them by now just for the absolutely criminal waste of energy and other resources, as much as some smaller countries.


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