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HD44780 compatible PLED 16x2 display not working!!!

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I bought 4 pcs of pled display from ebay. But I couldn't  figured out how they are working.
I wrote some code for hd44780 display, the code working with regular I am using 16f877 @4Mhz, code wrote in pic basic. I tried 4 bit connection and 8 bit connection.The code working with regular LCD but the code not working with PLED display.

I added the datasheet of the PLED displays.

Try this link http://www.epemag.wimborne.co.uk/resources.htm
You can test your HD44780 controller with no more than a few switches to confirm it's operation, then you need to check your code. Are you sure that the controller is an HD44780? I thought these were for LCD Displays?

<Edit > Just read the data sheet ( ::)) and it is indeed compatible with the HD44780. Just one thought ,have you tried adjusting the contrast pot? caught me out more than once?

Yes, you MUST adjust the contrast with some of those displays or you will see only a clear or dark screen.

Thanks for your replies.

In datasheet the brightnes (Contrast in regular LCDs) pin needs 3 volts to go. I adjusted the pot at 3 volts and other positions. It does not work.

Any ideas?

Edit:The code working with regular LCDs (HD44780)

Have you
a) Tested the displays manually to confirm operation?
b) Substituted a lcd display to confirm your hardware/ code? (may be the most productive option)
If Both check out ok then it is likely a timing problem (I've only skimmed the data sheet but HD44780 compatable SHOULD mean just that and timing should  not be an issue but it's worth checking ) last but not least could be power supply issues, what sort of load does it take, is the supply stable and clean?


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