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Help about ksger t12 soldering station


So i bought this soldering station a few months ago and i do some hobby work with it
Last time i worked with it was yesterday and today when i turned it on it says this and i searched the internet and i haven’t found a solution i will upload pictures so you can see and if someone can help or i need to buy a new one

Try this generator.

If still asking for the code, check the solder joints of the EEPROM (24c08 or similar) and the nearby parts, specially the stm32.
Sometimes this EEPROM goes bad and needs replacing.

Thank you i am at work i will try later and give a feedback
Thanks again

I tried the codes with the generator no luck i guess i will open it to see for bad solder connections

Thank you very much it had half of the pins on the stm32 bad soldered so i removed it completly and reinstalled it and now works fine
Thank you very much


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