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Help: RP2040 gets hot

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I created pcb using RP2040 mcu just as Pico guide recommended. But when I plugged into computer it does not get recognized as UF2 disk. More worrisome is that both mcu and crystal instantly gets got and crystal makes buzzing noise.  USB is drawing 600ma. Looks like there is a short but I can't find. Is it possible mcu has short inside?

It will help if you post information about your pcb, like schematic, pcb layout and pictures of the assembled board.

I hand soldered the MCU. I buzzed out a short b/w 2 adjacent smd pins (3v3 and 1v). Maybe this is the cause. I desoldered the mcu completely. I am going to try soldering again. These qfn packages are a nightmare to solder.

Does this type of short cause permanent damage to rp2040?

This might have sent 3.3V into the core supply and this might have killed the chip indeed. Id solder in a new chip rather than reusing it.

QFNs are actually the easiest small pitch component to solder as long as you apply a generous amount of flux before soldering. The solder bridges between pins fix themselves by simply running the soldering iron along the whole side.

Doesn't the USB boot disk functionality exist as part of the firmware?


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