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Help identifying microcontroller believed to be Freemont Micro Devices

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It may be a long shot based on the post here: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/projects/fremont-micro-devices-microcontroller-programming/  I have tried looking for a datasheet for a microcontroller in the images attached but I am not having any luck. Based on its markings I am assuming it is a Freemont Micro Device product "B1cTEKH" but nothing comes up with the part number on the chip. There is also another chip on the board I can't identify marked with "SXD094B", any help with that one would also be greatly appreciated.




The IC you left out is a receiver (CMT2210LCW) so the board is some radio controlled thingy?

The SXD094B does not yield results but could it be some I2C device. It looks like there are level converters between the two IC's you are after, and if you trace back the connections to the IC's and scope the signals to confirm if it is I2C, then it might help in identifying the IC's

Edit: I'm reffering to Q1 and Q2, but a second look shows that the pull up resistors are a bit high with 100K on the one end and 10K on the other, so maybe it is something else.

You are correct about it being a radio controlled thing, it is a wireless doorbell.

What kind of special functions does it have that it requires a mcu for a simple doorbell.  :-DD

It has two different "musical" chimes that are user selectable from the doorbell button. My plan was to see if I can pull off the firmware and figure out how the chime is stored and create my own just for the heck of it.


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