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Help in Copying a set of EPROM (27C256) and Programable Memory 9306

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I am in the process of repairing a pair of Digital Active Speaker, the firmware on the left speaker is running fine. The firmware on the right speaker seems to be some what corrupted. The firmware is based on a set of 27c256 and a piece of NMC9306. Before trying to take the working chips from the left speaker and risk placing it on the right speaker. I would like to make a copy of both chips.

I would like to know if there is any kind soul here would have access to equipment for such copying purpose. If you know of any commercial outfit that would charge a norminal fee for such services, I would love the reference too or pass over on contacts.



Would help if you indicated where in the world you are..........

Eprom programmers can be bought cheap on Ebay...


--- Quote from: nctnico on June 18, 2012, 11:39:13 pm ---Eprom programmers can be bought cheap on Ebay...

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Device for the programing of the 27C256 is quite accessible. However, I am not sure about the device on the programing of the 9306N chips, if possible, can you point me to a specific ebay link (may be on PM), that would do programing of both chips?

Thanks for your comments.  ;)

Good news is - it's a straightforward serial device with NO security. Most Universal programmers
have serial memory drivers, again they can be quite cheap on ebay. Check their supported parts list
Here's another idea -
IF you intend to do more in electronics in the future, and have / want to learn basic programming skills -
Buy a PC controlled IO card, say 48 pins, buy a couple ZIFF sockets, ~28pin at 0.6" and 0.3" wide,
and write your own "driver" for whatever chip you come across. Many of these PC IO boards even
have software. It really isn't hard to write a driver, all the timing info is with the chip specs.
I've done this as a project for students in the old days and was very popular.


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