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Help needed in recognizing MCU (with picture)!

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Hi all,

I would need help in recognizing MCU that I took out from my bike light.
It's a cheap chinese light but it does a really good job, only downside are the modes in which this light can work.
So, I decided to change them but for that I have to reprogram MCU unfortunately all markings from top side of MCU were deleted :(
at the bottom there is only this code: 123SNAZ0B and some hieroglyphs that I cannot decipher!!!
Pictures attached:

Please, help, anyone!!!

Not all MCUs are reprogrammable. If you were able to identify the chip and assuming that it is re programmable  and had the correct programmer for it would still be a major challenge to re write the firmware without access to the original source code.

As an alternative you may be able to reverse engineer the PCB to get a schematic, then find an MCU with the correct pin outs and then write the firmware from scratch.

This would also be quite difficult to do.

Sorry I don't have a simple solution.

Looks like pins 1 and 8 are VDD and VSS, so it looks like an 8pin PIC would work.  MCLR would have to be disabled.  It looks like it's being pulled down.  Everything would have to be checked on the board, but it looks like a good possibility.

It's highly probably a PIC or a AVR  ::)

^^ I doubt it.

This thing will have been cost cut to the max. AVR and PIC are defiantly not the cheapest so my guess it isn't one of the two. I think alanb is right I doubt it will be reprogrammable. I would guess this thing would have something similar in it as the MCU that electric toothbrush Dave took apart once.

You might be lucky to retrofit a PIC in there like TheDirty says


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