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hello I am trying to export the contents and parameters of a tms320f28021 memory with the uniflash tool via debugger xds100 v2, but the problem is that I cannot read all the contents of the memory; an error message appears:  error memory map prevented reading 0x200000@data. Is the code is locked? If yes, is there a solution to unlock it? Is there another software similar than uniflash that can do this job?

There are numerous studies and attempts to unblock/unlock chips.  One method uses "decapping" followed by microscopic attachment to the chip.  Here's an old reference to get you started: http://core.kmi.open.ac.uk/download/pdf/72289.pdf

thank you for the answer and the link, first I want to know if the code is locked, because I can export part of the memory

please the link is not working if you can send another tanks

I am sorry about that.  I almost always check a link that I post, but I didn't in that case.  Unfortunately, the pdf is too large to upload too.

Just search on "decapping."  That would lead to other references on bypassing firmware protection "fuses" and so forth.


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