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hello I need your support, if someone can explain to me how can I read the content of the microcontroller (TMS320F28021) and write it on several MCUs of the same family without going through Code composer,I 'have: programmer XDS100 ,motherboard with a JTAG interface and UNIFLASH software from Texas instrument.
I plugged the XDS100 programmer into the JTAG interface then I opened UNIFLASH software I go to read target memory the process went well, but when I want to export the firmware I can't figure out all these thing also the file is only a few kilo octet, if someone can explain the step by step or if there is a software that is easier than this,please i nedd help

Do you have some pictures of the board and connectors ?

That chip family has a Flash and a One Time Programmable Area.

I have not used the programmer you have. I have programmed that family of MCU's only with my universal programmer with and adapter for specific package.

To export memory contents to a file, check section 7.4.5 of the CCS User's Guide.



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