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HLK W806 What is this ? Mistery very cheap and powerfull CPU ?

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Your posts are not missing, they are being deleted as spam. What are we supposed to do with this wall of code with comments in Chinese?

If you think this is useful somehow - please share how it is useful. And also, it is better to attach a file to your post instead of pasting the whole contents for large files.

Same goes for random links without comments.

Chinese parts were for me to see, and I couldn't live without them

I have done a little playing around with this MCU. When compared to chips like the RP2048, it seems "plain". The biggest negative is the lack of documentation for the chip and tools.

The tools are easily found and installed, but outside of China, you have to try a bit harder :)  The SDK for the chip is based on a HAL type function set, but there are no docs for its particular brand of HAL.  There are a good set of demos included in the SDK to help find usage examples.

Right now, I see a few things going for it... 44 usable GPIO pins, 288k of internal PSRAM with the ability to use up to 64MB of external PSRAM, and its programmable via a TTL serial interface.  The LCD drivers may be of use as well for many.

Its big negatives are the lack of good docs that live on the chipmaker's site. This goes for the tools, SDK, and the chip.

The board that HLK made is quite large, to say the least! It is as large as an RPI Zero and possibly a little bigger.  My main gripe about the board though is the lack of a VIN-type pin...  I hate powering from USB for real use.

I have created a Github repo with some basic type "blink" code, as well as a chip pinout, and pin function assignments.


Canis Dirus Leidy:
Some examples from we.easyelectronics.ru (in Russian and C languages):
A brief overview
GPIO, timers and error in documentation.
Alternate functions and another error in documentatioin
Using I2C


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