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how can i start with ethernet & pic?

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i looked around but there's not a good "start guide", something to start looking for development...
they all say, have a look at microchip tcp/ip stack, but i cant understand the code and how use it...

there is something like a "guide" or a well written book about using this?

thank you


Maybe purchase the Microchip PIC32 Ethernet development board and use the included examples as a start?

At least that way you have known working hardware and can always reprogram with the original code if you bugger it up during tinkering.

If you get the pic32 starter kit, just be aware you need a break out board to hook anything else up to it. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but when I got one, I thought I'd at least be able to solder some leads to pads somewhere. But no, it's all too fine pitched. To me, that makes these starter kits too expensive considering the other boards out there.

whoa.... that is not an easy thing to do.... if you have never done it before.
your easiest bet is to use the microchip controller with a hardware stack.... there is a little chip from microchip that does all the heavy lifting for you. you open the port and simply pump data..

I've done some ethernet projects. The easiest way is to go and take a look at MikroE website. they have a full blown example where they use a pic running an embedded webserver with some buttons and led's and a display attached. it talks via a wifi link ( could be a fixed link as well )

Another pic has a GUI running a program that connects via WIFI and you can use a touchsreen to turn on the LED's and read the stratus of the buttons and an analog voltage from the 'server'.
They give you full sourcecode and you can get this sourcecode in C, Pascal and even Basic.
They have nice development boards for PIC , AVR , STM32 and other cpu;s as well as compilers and a whole bunch of 'click on boards' that help you get up and running. all schematics are provided.
I use their STM32 and PIC board to breadboard a 'base system' and play with the things i have no experience with. then i simply go off and make my own board.

thank you for all answers...

of course is not an easy thing... but i wanna try that... i used pic a little bit and i'm starting programming the 32 series reading the really done book from Lucio di Jasio

this night i bought this:

it was at cheap price on internet so i wanna test it, it has microchip ethernet controller on it (ENC28J60) and should work with spi

does anybody test this?



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