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How do you quote for embedded software development?

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The IBM estimate was based in large projects with multiple software team members and a range of skills (not including newby or incompetent.  YMMV.  Make sure you know your own productivity if bidding your services.  Errors can price you out of the market or cause you to work inordinately hard to make your commitments.  The largest merit of the IBM estimate is that it has widespread credibility, and if you can do better can result in excellent profits for you.  But beware, starting programmers seldom can.


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--- Quote from: nctnico on June 18, 2021, 04:02:55 pm ---My motto is 'don't make what the customer wants but make what the customer needs'.

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I try to do that but plenty of customers aren't interested in listening, the just want you to do what they ask.

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Yup very common and everyone can recognize this


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