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How to Drive VFD tube with MCU?

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I need to learn how to connect the PT6311 (VFD Driver IC with serial interface)

I did not know which serial standards in this IC.  :-\
Which comand I need to use in Pic Basic Pro.
I am planing to use 16f628

Before we do anything, you linked a VFD on the chatbox.


You are not seriously thinking of buying this at $400  :o Previous 2 were sold for 2 orders of magnitude less, clearly the seller messed up.

First find the VFD you want, and its bloody datasheet. I am tired of ebay sellers not providing a datasheet unless you buy the product. What are they thinking?!  >:(

I have already had just two of them before. 
There is no fancy thing about the VFD.

The datasheet on attachment.

Most excellent!

Now, are you forced to use the PT6311 driver?  As this is a small multiplexed display it will be easy to use a (40 pin?) MCU with a handful of transistors to drive the display. You can also use specialised shift register latches from eg Maxim, designed to drive VFDs.

I prefer PT6311 because of the serial interface it use 3 pin.
Can you say me the maxim ICs?
Thanks for your help.


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