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Idiotic Me? or the Compiler/Linker of the AVR Studio 4?

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i have a situation here. this is related to my other thread about mcuApiC lib. this time about the hex compiled size resulted from the compiler (or linker?). now i want to start a new project using that library. i do nothing except declaring the class that i've built... ok here's the stat...

1) no library involved...

--- Code: ---int main() {
return 0;

--- End code ---
Program: 288 bytes
Data: 0 bytes...

2) include the library, declare the mac_display class...

--- Code: ---#include "mac_lib_spec.h"

mac_display disp;

int main() {
return 0;

--- End code ---
Program: 2884 bytes
Data: 6 bytes...

3) enable the font class in the mac_lib_spec.h (not shown in app code, i.e. same code as above), i dont even declare any font variable...
Program: 5536 bytes
Data: 6 bytes...

FWIW. this is my project setting (all defaulted except i removed the -gnu88, gave me warning)

i can understand the "Data" but i dont understand the compiled 'Program' size. its like 'ALL' the class members and library functions are happily joining together merrymaking in the hex file. Whats going on? i thought the linker will be clever enough to omit any functions that is not called?

ps: i removed all declaration to classes, ie same as code #1, but library enabled (display and font classes)... still at 5000+ bytes mark, shoot!!! (pls note the triple exclamation >:(

Try adding -lm.

Is there floating point operations?



--- Quote from: firewalker on June 18, 2012, 02:39:56 pm ---Try adding -lm.
Is there floating point operations?

--- End quote ---
thanks but it didnt work, still 5490 bytes.. only saving 2 bytes on Data... what did it do? i try searching in the htm based help file i dont know how to setup the compilation option.
no floating... in fact i made a test  on this specifically and macro everywhere to avoid this unnecessarily. which test made me another shock earlier, but understandable for the 'no built-in FPU' processor, they have to do it by software. declaring one float variable adding another 3000++ bytes into the program.

ok i removed the *.cpp files (library implementation files), leaving App.cpp alone. they all gone back to 300+ bytes. but since its not used (no error message since the main program doesnt use them), why the compiler is happy to include them in the hex file??? mystery!

Try using both together:

Compiler Optimization: Prepare functions for garbage collection


Linker Optimzation: Garbage collect unused sections

There are checkboxes for those in AVR Studio 5, not sure about AVR Studio 4 equivalent description as i don't have it installed to check.


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