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Info on Intel P87C521


I've recently come across a few 40 pin DIPs with the following on them:

Intel ©1980

From what I can tell they are an 8 bit Microcontroller, but my quest for a data sheet has come up short.
Every site I've found that claims to have a data sheet wants money for me to see it.  I would have thought Intel would have something but searching their site for p87c521 doesn't pull up anything.

Is anyone here familiar with this chip, what its specs are (ram/rom/fuses/sram/clock speed) or does anyone know where I can find a real data sheet or am I just stuck having to pay some third party which to me doesn't seem legit since they're distributing a document written by Intel?

Its an 8051 based microcontroller:

I recognize the urge to find some use for it but in the end your time is better spend on something more up-to-date.

256 Bytes of RAM? OUTSTANDING!  I think I'll get started on porting Linux to it right now!  :-DD

You can fly to the moon on 256 bytes of ram............

Or at least do a good small controller with it.


--- Quote from: Stonent on December 31, 2012, 06:03:14 pm ---256 Bytes of RAM? OUTSTANDING!  I think I'll get started on porting Linux to it right now!  :-DD

--- End quote ---
any os needing more than a few bytes of ram for its i ternal housekeeping is bloatware!

The 8052 is very easy to make a multitasked , pre-emptive microkernel with a hundred bytes of code and 10 bytes of ram. The cpu has 4 registerbanks. You assign the kernel to 1 bank , and up to three processes each their own bank. You use a hardware timerto trigger a high priority interrupt that kicks in the kernel. The kernel saves two or three registers in the process page and does a contaxt swap.

Very easy to do. Since each program lives in its own bank there is no risk of ome process killing another.


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