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Intel 4004 unique video posted on youtube

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The computer history museum of Mountain View posted a unique promo video of intels 4004 processor. This film dates back to the early 70's and was an introduction to the microprocessor.
Film made by intel

I've only got one 4004 and some peripherals.


--- Quote from: Zad on June 30, 2012, 07:11:14 pm ---Is that Collin Cunningham at 00:36?


--- End quote ---

Yes I do realise the video is quite a few years before Collin was born, but you have to admit, the similarity is striking!

I am guessing Intel charged an arm and a leg for that custom mask ROM?

not really. mask roms were pretty cheap as they ran in volume. the first mask roms only had one metal layer. it was just a matter of creating the mask with the via's. if there is a via it is a 0 if there isnon it is a 1. so you only paid for the making of one mask and the rest was mass production.
of course this is not something you do for 5 parts ....


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