Author Topic: INTERACTIVE FORTH STARTER KIT FOR STM32F103 BLUE PILL only 26.5 KB of Flash.  (Read 403 times)

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Hi All,
The Blue Pill board is very popular due to the very low cost and new Forth users who are not familiar with the STM32F103 MCU used in this board soon find that it's a major task to even get a LED on the board to turn on/off.

The STM MCU in the Blue Pill is quite old and lacks the capabilities of more modern STM chips, however it is still extremely complex and the new user will soon be researching a 1096 page Technical Reference PDF to understand how everything works.

This Starter Kit contains files to upload into your Blue Pill to help make mastering the STM32F103 MCU in general, and the Blue Pill LED in particular a bit easier. It covers basic RCC and GPIO usage. Everything is freely available under Open Source Licenses.

You only need a serial terminal and file editor on your PC, no GCC, no GDB, no Eclipse, no massive GigaByte software downloads.

With Forth on a Blue Pill, a complete INTERACTIVE development system, including the Starter Kit files is built into the MCU using only 26.5 KB of Flash.

A Memstat utility is included which shows the following stats in REAL TIME on the MCU.

 free (bytes)
 FLASH.. TOTAL REPORTED: 65536 USED: 26460 FREE: 39076
 RAM.... TOTAL PRESET: 20000 USED: 628 FREE: 19372
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