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Interfacing a PIC w/ high-side mosfet

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very useful...


--- Quote from: sile on February 26, 2012, 10:01:09 pm ---very useful...

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And probably a whole lot easier for you with the incandescents.

Well, my power supply showed up non-functional, so I spent the weekend fixing that and at work.
And I found out that the LED lights that I am using are only 500mA each on maximum. That will work well for putting multiple lights on each channel. Still working out how I want to program them to flash.

Can't wait to get this prototyped up...


well its up and running... It LIVES!
Programmed my first pic16f616 and it worked perfectly at power up. These thing program so fast that I though I did something wrong and grabbed another and uploaded again, blink and it was done.

I acually had made time to proto two projects this weekend.
I will post pics and video later tonight if i'm not too tired.

Off to work for the day...

I'm a little late to this party, but here's another option...

Thanks Skibane and welcome to the blog. I just read through the data sheet and the coolest thing about this chip is it can be high or low side drive. I will consider it if I were using incandescents. Its always helpful to know that there is another solution out there. Others have suggested all-in-one solutions and I would have went that route if I wasnt trying to learn how to engineer with mosfets.




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