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Is ST Cube IDE a piece of buggy crap?

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Yes, updating is usually a mess.
I always delete the entire cubeIDE installation directory, including the hidden metadata folder in the workspace, then install the new version.
I have to reinstalll the plugins (Egit, etc) but nothing too serious, then import the existing projects and done.

Yes; my procedure, which I have tested many times, is

- do a clean install of Cube (having also deleted the previous version's c:\st directory tree)
- copy over the project to say c:\projectname
- import project into Cube using the project import into workspace function
- Clean project
- Index project

Most Cube settings reside in the c:\projectname in some .project .cproject .xml etc files so this copies them over. Not all; stuff like spell checker you have to set up in Cube itself.

Never used MX but seeing what it does I never want to :)

Meanwhile, for the past couple of years, I just install updates normally via the usual mechanisms, and it kinda just works fine.  Its been a long time since anything broke my workspace.
I don't have 32 pages of rants and complaints, and the only major annoyance I have is that part where the debugger randomly opens a file.

Am I doing something wrong?

(Of course I probably avoid a lot of the minor annoyances by using CubeMX to generate the initial project code "out of band" and don't even have a .ioc file in my Eclipse/CubeIDE project for it to try to do anything with.)

Welcome to the club!
Currently I like it pretty much, it was a lot worse 1-2 years ago, the computer felt like was 15 years older, but it seems they finally fixed most of the issues after v1.7.0 or so.
The random file opening issue has been there for ages, nobody know how to *** stop it  ::).

As we discussed elsewhere, your projects should be independent of any and all IDEs.

In most places checking in IDE files is considered taboo.  IDE settings, paths, local build envs etc. etc.  They are up to the individual dev.

Most problems come from customisations.  The more you fiddle things away from default the harder it will be on you and... anyone else who uses your project, especially if you didn't follow the first two points.

If it is done right, then I can open your project in the IDE I choose and work on it along side you.  Everyone should be free to check the project out and get it building in their IDE of choice.

IDEs however have other ideas.  They would like to take ownsership of your project, put it's preference files, settings and caches in it.  You just intervene, most don't put up much of a fight.


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