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Is ST Cube IDE a piece of buggy crap?

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Java is notorious for having runtime version dependencies.

This is why I cannot understand why Oracle keep forcing people to install Java runtimes on every PC. Most Java apps do not use these because the coder knew they are a hostage to fortune. I guess a few apps demand these and then you get update requests for ever, and disabling them does not work (a bug, obviously).

Java works well in server-side usage, because there you 100% control the whole code and if it runs now it will run for ever.

It's been a fantastic money generator in certain "professional" situations. ATC software in particular, which is mostly utter crap and which cost millions to write...

Peter.  To be honest.  I'd give up.  All of your posts in this thread just say you aren't cut out to be a developer.

If you did my day job you'd go postal in weeks.

You are of course right. I've not had a proper job since I left univ :)

This is an example of some nasty crap in Cube - this time in ex ST Cube-MX-generated code

Normally one is pretty careful where one does a return() from a function, so everything needing a cleanup gets cleaned up.

But there's nothing wrong there?
Try to lock the handler, if already locked it means something else is using it, so return BUSY, nothing to clean!


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