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Is the ESP32-MINI-1 supported by Arduino IDE?



I am new to the ESP32's and the Arduino IDE. I did get a hold of the ESP32-WROOM and could easily use the Arduino IDE to program the Bluetooth part and sending/receiving serial data to/from an Android phone... all within an hour of installing the IDE. That's fast! I have done low level programming of BLE in the past on a Bluegiga (Silicon Labs) and it can take days. I have an application needing a small, low cost solution with BLE, a 12-bit ADC, i2C and UART, which this ESP32-MINI-1-N4 has. I could go down the path of uBlox, Sierra Wireless, Microchip (if you can get 'em) etc, but what is key in this project is fast development time, reliable supply, and low cost.

I emailed the engineers at Espressif in China two days ago if I can use the Arduino IDE for the ESP32-MINI-1-N4 and they have not answered. Maybe someone here knows where this device is supported and the libraries will make development time quick. Unlike with an MSP430 I just programmed from barebones up, this new project cannot afford the time to mess around.

Any hints/tips/suggestions are welcome.

- Dave


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