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Is there a good tool for generating STM32 Baremetal GUIs?

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I have a STM32 project that uses the LTDC and custom graphics drivers to draw text, images, shapes, etc.

It all works, and I've been making GUIs this way for years but it takes FOREVER to make the GUI look good. Everything has to be carefully arranged by the pixel, and text has to be manually erased and redrawn from the buffers all the time, among other issues.

I would really like to use a graphical GUI editor so I can quickly draw up screens with buttons, images, sliders, and all that. I've been trying to set up TouchGFX, but it's been like pulling teeth.

My projects are almost entirely custom baremetal code so ideally I could just generate some graphics code and copy and paste it into my project. I don't really want to add a bunch of bloat in the form of libraries if possible.

Do any of you guys have a toolchain that works well for this?

Have a look at LVGL.


--- Quote from: hansd on September 06, 2023, 12:17:41 am ---Have a look at LVGL.

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LVGL looks perfect, but I hate that the designer is a subscription service.

Somewhere they have to make some money  :) You don't have to use the designer. You can do it by designing it on the PC with the simulator using the library and then port it to your board. All free of charge.


--- Quote --- I don't really want to add a bunch of bloat in the form of libraries if possible.
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GUIs are like the #1 cause of program bloat, aren't they?  Before you know it you have options to support 3D-transparent buttons with localization in at least a dozen languages and fonts.    :-(


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