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Jlink OB Clone?

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Hi guys,

has anyone purchased one of these JLink OB clones?

What excites me about those clones is that they have SWO support and a virtual COM port! That reduces the number of adapters on my desk: The sellers claim that the device is not limited to ST controllers.

JLink OB [1] is a Segger product designed for eval boards. It is the equivalent of the ST-Link on Nucleo Boards, in many ways. It seems the chinese may have cloned that.
Another theory would be, that it is an ST Link V2-1 clone but flashed with a JLink firmware. See [2] for more information. But that doesn't seem to be equivalent to the JLink OB.

The feature set is similar to the ST Link V2-1 on Nucleo boards. Those also offer a virtual COM port. But the chinese never cloned that. All clones that I can find come without a virtual COM port and seem to be based on the older V2 (without -1) design. Even the proper ST Link V2 (about 20€ at digikey) has no virtual COM port.

Obviously, these clones have severe drawbacks: the target voltage is probably fixed at 3.3V, no debugging of 1.8V targets. Also, future firmware updates may brick them.

[1] https://www.segger.com/products/debug-probes/j-link/models/j-link-ob/
[2] https://www.segger.com/products/debug-probes/j-link/models/other-j-links/st-link-on-board/

Here is a smaller one with a picture of the PCB: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32883585428.html
Looks to be essentially the same as a stlink clone.

There are some threads on here about adding the SWO and I believe com port wires to a stlink.
That or you can use a bluepill + blackmagicprobe which has similar features.

Or just try the one one you linked, less hassle and only a few $ more.

If your time is worth some money V10 is much faster


That link to V10 does not work.


--- Quote from: skoehler on December 16, 2019, 10:50:26 pm ---That link to V10 does not work.

--- End quote ---

It does, shorter link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000047004785.html
$46 though.


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