Author Topic: [solved] I really HATE gnu and linux  (Read 33811 times)

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Re: [solved] I really HATE gnu and linux
« Reply #175 on: April 14, 2016, 10:28:57 am »
since it's the second time that someone reports the "question" to me, asking about "my attitude": yes, the above made me pissed off, a lot, especially the mount-man bullshit: I perfectly know what to do with linux, I have more than 15 years of experience and I hate to hear bullshit like the above, and in fist place I fixed the problem without asking help to anyone, this topic is pure entertainment

oh, now I have problems (and a lot of people in gentoo have the same issues) with ncurses, which is breaking the bash shell, and catalyst is doomed  :palm: :palm: :palm:

but I will avoid to waste your and my time, I prefer to open a blog


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Re: [solved] I really HATE gnu and linux
« Reply #176 on: April 14, 2016, 03:44:44 pm »
As the person whom made the "man mount" comment, and as a person whom didn't report you the I need to make the point that Gentoo being "versionless" and thus open to millions of non-tested upgrade interactions you should expect working through issues.  Gentoo requires more involvement from the user, and while you make have taken offence to my comment it was very valid.  As someone whom has been running linux professionally for 20 years I revel in my ignorance and learn something new every day.

As an honest question, which may come across as an insult but is not intended as so, if you are bothered by odd distro bugs and problems why run a distro that is explicitly targeted at individuals whom want to run the latest and greatest despite the pain?  I have no issues with Gentoo, but due to it's relative obscurity and model is almost a guarantee you will need to dig through release notes and man pages.  As a person whom is paid to architect build systems at a software company this happens even with much smaller code bases and dependency levels.  I am sure you have valid reasons for running the distro but I will take issues with your rant against gnu and the linux kernel due to this choice.  Debian GNU/Linux is very stable if crusty but it is crusty because of the time they spend on integration testing.

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