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While these are books which illustrate how to apply C to use with PICs, and don't actually teach C, I suggest:

For C30 on PIC24s (already recommended):
Programming 16-Bit Microcontrollers in C by Di Jasio


For C18 on PIC18s:
Applying PIC18 Microcontrollers by Brey

There's is also a 32 bit book on that series

I'm not an EE and my maths is very poor etc, but I learned a lot from the "C Programming in Easy Steps" book and the dummies guide to C++.
I would suggest beginners to build simple console exe's using the command line and text editor to understand the process; Start with a simple hello world then start using variables and functions, then passing and returning variables, then once you understand "pointers" you're good to go.
Once you get the hang of it, you will dump the text editor and the command line, then you'll want to use a real IDE.

But the most important bit of advice is to stick at it!

C++ Nuts & Bolts - Larry Levitsky - McGraw-Hill (1995). not sure if its still around. my little mcu just cannot take pure virtual polymorphic class >:(


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